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Look and Learn Art Gallery Image from the Look and Learn children’s art gallery

Questions and Answers

Window by Looi Wei

Window by Looi Wei

Please note that the answers below are intended only to clarify the terms and conditions governing entries into the art gallery and are not definitive.

Who is eligible?

Children aged up to and including 18 years thirty days before each entry is received by Look and Learn (to allow time for artwork to be scanned/photographed and uploaded to the gallery).

When is the competition entry deadline?

The deadlines are given here. Entries must be uploaded by midnight GMT at the end of the closing day.

How literally must I stick to the competition theme?

Your artwork should relate closely to the competition theme, but you will not be penalised for departing from it slightly (eg, if you were asked to draw a picture of an animal, you could, if you wished, do a picture of a number of animals).

What materials can I use?

You may use any materials for your artwork, including pencil, charcoal, oils, crayons, coloured pencils, ink, markers, pastels, or paint on paper, card or canvas. Collages are also acceptable. You may use a computer to help produce the artwork - but the artwork must clearly reflect your creative input.

How big can a picture be?

There is no restriction on the physical size and proportion of a picture. The file size of the uploaded scan/photo should be no larger than 5MB compressed, or about 40MB uncompressed.

May I submit more than one competition entry?

Only one entry per child will be accepted for a particular month’s competition. If you re-submit an entry (e.g. because you think it better than your first entry), it will replace the first entry.

How many pictures may I add to my personal gallery?

Up to 999.

How do I enter?

You may enter at home or through your school. First, you need to be enrolled by your parent/guardian or teacher. If you are aged 12 or over then you may enrol yourself. Once enrolled, you will have a unique entrant ID, beginning with the letter ‘Z’, and you will be able to upload entries through your account (where you will find detailed instructions) at any time.

How will I know you have received my entry?

When your picture is added to the art gallery our website sends an e-card to your sponsor (parent/guardian or teacher). If your sponsor has also entered your email address then you will receive a copy too.

How do I find my pictures?

The URL for your personal gallery is wheren nnnnn is your ‘Z number’. You can also search for your pictures by entering your ‘Z number’ into the art gallery search box.

How will I be able to send e-cards of my pictures?

Click on the thumbnail of one of your pictures to take you to an enlarged view with links to send an e-card or order postcards, greetings cards, notecards or sticker books of your picture.

How quickly will my picture appear in the Look and Learn art gallery?

Pictures are generally reviewed and added to the gallery within a week, often more quickly.

How long will my pictures stay up in the Look and Learn art gallery?

We intend that the pictures will stay there permanently allowing you to build up a portfolio of work over time.

Can I submit competition entries in advance?

Yes, you may submit an entry for current and future competition themes.

Do I need to enter every competition?

No. While we hope you will enter as many competitions as possible, you can choose which competitions you enter.

What are the monthly competition prizes?

There are three cash prizes in each age group each month: a 1st prize of £35, a 2nd prize of £25, and a third prize of £20. Winners also receive a printed prize certificate.

Who judges the competitions?

The competitions are judged by the Managing Director of Look and Learn, taking such advice as he sees fit.

How will I know if I have won a prize?

If you have won a prize, we will contact you via the email of address of your sponsor – i.e. your parent/guardian or teacher who enrolled you.

What happens to the copyright in my artwork?

The copyright remains with the artist. However, it is a condition of entry to the gallery and competitions that images may be used for the benefit of Look and Learn. In particular, Look and Learn may license images for commercial purposes (e.g. use on products like greetings cards, stationery, clothes and kitchenware). Look and Learn runs a commercial picture library and is well-placed to generate income from children’s artwork.

Will I benefit if Look and Learn licenses one of my pictures?

Yes. Look and Learn will pay half of the net income to the child, and the other half will be added to the competitions prize fund.

Can I remove a picture from the art gallery?

Yes. All your sponsor needs to do is email the L&L file name shown underneath the image in the gallery with a request that it be deleted.

Where can I read the detailed rules of the competition?

Click on rules.