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Look and Learn Art Gallery Image from the Look and Learn children’s art gallery

Terms and conditions of entry

Numbers by Tilkiloglu Kaan-Albert

Numbers by Tilkiloglu Kaan-Albert

  1. The Look and Learn art gallery and competitions are open to all children anywhere in the world, aged 18 or under.
  2. All artwork submitted to Look and Learn must be the original idea and creation of the credited artist. Copying of any pre-existing image is not acceptable, whether visually or by tracing. Colouring in an outline printed or drawn by someone else is also not acceptable.
  3. Adults may give encouragement, but must not have a hands-on role in creating the artwork.
  4. Any artist wishing to enter his/her art must first be enrolled on-line by a parent, legal guardian, qualified teacher or, if aged 12 or more, by him/herself.
  5. Look and Learn is committed to a strict privacy policy. Parents/guardians and teachers must not compromise children’s privacy by sharing their Look and Learn log-in details with anyone else; and, if they suspect anyone else may know their log-in details, should change their passwords or inform Look and Learn as soon as practicable.
  6. The names of artists (but no other personal information) will be disclosed on the Look and Learn website.
  7. Entries are grouped by age (0-7, 8-11, and 12-18) based on the child's age 30 days before an entry is received by Look and Learn.
  8. Look and Learn may reject entries that it considers inappropriate for any reason.
  9. Look and Learn reserves the right to crop and/or colour-correct images to ensure consistency of appearance throughout the gallery.
  10. Artists may submit up to 999 pictures for inclusion in their personal art gallery, in addition to competition entries.
  11. All artwork submitted to the art gallery or competitions may be used for the benefit of Look and Learn in any way, with or without attribution.
  12. With the exception of pictures that have won prizes, Look and Learn will remove pictures from the gallery on request of the artist, his/her parent, guardian or teacher.
  13. Look and Learn’s overall terms and conditions and privacy policy apply to the rules and operation of the art gallery and monthly art competitions.
  14. Any enquiries about these Rules should be addressed to:
    Managing Director, Look and Learn Ltd, Office 370, 19-21 Crawford Street, London W1H 1PJ
    E-mail:   Tel: +44 (0)20 7723 7732.

Licensing of images for commercial use

  1. Look and Learn may license for commercial use any images submitted to the gallery. The terms of such licences shall be entirely at the discretion of Look and Learn.
  2. Half of the net income from such licences will be credited to the respective artist’s sponsor and the other half to the competitions prize fund. Net income will be calculated after all direct expenses incurred by Look and Learn (e.g. digital re-touching or re-drawing, courier or bank fees).
  3. Commissions earnt from third parties selling products for personal use, illustrated with one or more images from the gallery, shall not count as licensing income. All such commissions shall be paid into the competitions prize fund.
  4. Payments will be made quarterly to all sponsors whose credit balance is at least £50.
  5. For each payment made, Look and Learn will email a remittance advice, listing the names of the artists whose artwork was licensed, and how much money is due to each of them.
  6. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to distribute income to the respective artists equitably.
  7. Look and Learn shall not be answerable to artists, except those who are self-sponsored, nor shall it enter into any dispute between an artist and his/her sponsor.
  8. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to keep his/her contact details with Look and Learn up-to-date.
  9. If a sponsor is uncontactable for more then six months, Look and Learn may pay any money owing to him/her into the Look and Learn art competitions prize fund in lieu of paying the sponsor.

Additional rules for themed competition entries

  1. Competition entries must relate in an obvious way to the specified monthly theme.
  2. Each artist may submit just one picture in each monthly competition.
  3. Entries may be submitted until midnight GMT on the advertised closing date.
  4. The competitions will be judged by the Managing Director of Look and Learn, taking such advice as he sees fit. The judges’ decision will be final and neither they nor Look and Learn will enter into any correspondence.
  5. Look and Learn may require a winner to submit a copy of his/her birth certificate or other proof of age.
  6. Winners will be contacted via those who have enrolled them, by email.
  7. Winners’ names (but no other identifying data) will be announced on the Look and Learn website.
  8. Directors, employees, and associates of Look and Learn, and their children are not eligible for prizes, but may enter competitions and submit their pictures for inclusion in the art gallery.
  9. Prize money will be sent by UK cheque or Western Union, according to each winner’s preference.